Big Data and Environment

Desde el 10 al 13 de noviembre de 2015

Aula Magna Pabellón Industrias

Alexis Hannart (IFAECI, CNRS)
Matthieu Jonckheere (IC, CONICET)
Guillermo Duran (IC, CONICET)

Like most sciences, environmental sciences have experienced a data deluge during the recent past with the explosion in the amount of data produced by sensors and models that monitor, measure and forecast the Earth system. This exponential trend in data availability is expected to continue in the future thereby creating many new opportunities, needs and challenges. On the other hand, big data has emerged as a wide multidisciplinary dynamic which addresses challenges associated to large and complex data and encompasses diverse fields in mathematics and computer science. 

The workshop will gather researchers that have an expertise in one of the two areas and some interest for the other. Its main goal is to explore the fruitful interplay between the two areas, and ultimately to help create new connections and collaborations between the scientific communities involved. Themes as diverse as spatial statistics, wind forecasting, stochastic modeling, network management, data assimilation, remote sensing, data visualization, are welcome.


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